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A day in Gatorland

December 22, 2008

Gatorland in Orlando (around 20 minutes from Walt Disney World) is a one of a kind attraction which kids will love and is a great place to visit if you are looking for a break from Walt Disney World. As you may have guessed by the name, the star attractions of this 110 acre park are alligators which is a point emphasized by the huge alligator head entrance.

Divided into different sections, Gatorland is a great way to learn about these misunderstood creatures, though their toothy grin is still likely to send shivers down your spine! A good place to start is at Alligator Island and Gator Lake which is home to numerous alligators and crocodiles. If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the park’s largest inhabitant, Alf, who measures over 15 feet.

Gatorland also has shows well worth seeing including the thrilling Gator Jumparoo Show where huge alligators literally jump out of the water to catch food from their trainers. If your nerves can stand more, then you should also take in the alligator wrestling show which features fearless wranglers tussling with live gators and showing you some of their specific features.

Time permitting you can also visit Gatorland’s Snakes of Florida exhibit and Flamingo Lagoon as well as take a ride on a mini train and meet friendly barnyard animals at Allie’s Barnyard including adorable Dolly Llama and Gracie the goat!

A day in Gatorland is a horrifyingly fascinating experience and is well worth a visit.