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Car hires in Majorca

December 12, 2008

Majorca or Mallorca which is regarded as the largest of the Balearic Islands of Spain is one of the most visited tourist places around the globe. Home to an illustrious history that boasted a Roman culture, Majorca is truly a place where the entire family will enjoy their holiday together. Whilst there are many transport options available such as bus and taxi, there are also more comfortable and convenient modes of travel such as by car hire.

There are those types of tourists who really do enjoy going right down to the grass root level of a country and taking the more “rustic” type of transport such as bus or even hired bicycles. While this has a charm of its own, it would be highly advisable that tourists take the opportunity to hire a car. The main reason being that cars offer a much more relaxed and refined experience than any other mode of transport.

The island of Majorca per se offers many attractions that require a visit. The best part is that most of these attractions are accessible by car, whether they are historical attractions such as Roman ruins, museums, theme parks or even zoos. Ideally, it would be convenient for travellers into Majorca to get a car hired from the hotel they stay in. Especially since the majority of the hotels in Majorca offer this facility of providing a hire car at an extra fee.

Whilst the roads of this inimitable island would get some getting used to, tourists who do hire cars are advised to favour caution when driving, since most motorists do drive with their heart rather than their heads. But then what can one expect from a country where the heritage is as passionate as its people.

There is the usual question posed when it comes to hiring cars – “Could I get a car to suit my budget?” In Majorca, the possibility of getting a car to suit any pocket is a reality, even Majorca Hotels provide different packages for there visitors . There are many cars on offer inclusive and exclusive of a variety of options. Although many are under the impression that comfort is probably meant to be sacrificed in order to lower the price, one would find that this is not a true fact.

Whatever the brand traveller’s desire, they are sure to be able to hire one. Many rent-a-car companies boast fleets of top end models such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Saab and even a Maserati or two. Hence no one would be stifled for choice. However, it is advisable to choose a car with lower mileage and frugal gas consumption. These requirements do of course come with a cost especially when considering many other factors such as insurance, AAA coverage and theft coverage.

The rule of thumb is to get a simple but reliable car that will get you and your family from point A to point B with the minimum amount of hassle. It would also be advisable to check the car records on offer at the rent-a-car company for previous damages or indeed previous accidents. Yet the most advisable option is to use the resources available at the hotel to choose a car ideal for your purpose, the reason being that even if it is a tad bit over your budget, there will be a higher probability of your hotel providing an honest and reliable choice.

Having said this, hiring that perfect mode of transport is not an issue that is worth considering since there is a free and widely available set of companies that are capable of providing a car for your requirements. The only choice that you would need to make is to note Majorca as a destination of choice for this year’s agenda.


Kids Attractions in Majorca

December 10, 2008

Majorca or Mallorca’s reputation certainly does precede itself. Regarded as a fabulous and energising spot for all night parties, mouth-watering cuisine, fantastic historical attractions and a friendly and enthusiastic culture, many are not aware that Majorca is a destination that can cater to the entire family. In other words, kids can have their holiday dose of fun as well.

Whilst being usually visited by the ubiquitous single crowd to party till dawn, Majorca has in recent times become a welcoming place for the entire family. In essence, there are a plethora of activities, events and attractions that specifically cater to children alone. What is especially convenient about many of these attractions is that they are close to many of the hotels in Majorca.

Fun, as any responsible parent would know can be both physical and intellectual. Majorca caters to both. There are a myriad of museums and galleries where children can learn about the history and culture of this amazing Spanish isle. For those children who are artistically inclined, the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró is a must visit with the rest of the family.

The fun obviously does not stop there. Children will also be hard pressed not to visit the Palma Aquarium which is known for its hi-tech ambient environs. This unique aquarium is known to have Europe’s deepest aquarium tank which has 3.5 million litres of seawater. It is known as the Big Blue. One would come across manta rays, barracudas, sand tiger sharks and even guitar sharks. What’s also amazing is that this venue has two verdant gardens which have fig, olive and pomegranate fruits. Kids are sure to enjoy this haven, where the kids section boasts a pirate ship play area and pools which have starfish, sea cucumbers and urchins are interactive in nature. Another aquarium to visit is the Porto Cristo’s Aquarium of Mallorca which also offers a great deal of childish excitement.

While the educational part is still to be discovered properly, there are still many physically fun things to do in Majorca. One must mention the true treasure of this island, which are the beaches. Adored by both singles and families, young and old, children are sure to have the most fun here. Surrounded by golden sand and cerulean water, children any parent would know are quite at home here. While paddling and building sand castles are fun enough, there is an opportunity for kids to learn various other water sports and games under the supervision of an adult.

Majorca would be no fun if families don’t visit some of the street festivals and events such as the Santa Margalida, where children do have their own unique role. Many of these festivals and events have a unique story to tell where one will be able to learn how Majorca functioned centuries ago. Enjoyed by both the young and old, these festivals offer an insightful educational experience for those who yearn to learn about the culture. It truly would be an entertaining display for both parents and children.

Besides acclimatising to the traditions and norms of the island, some good old fashioned fun which is common to the rest of the globe could be had in Majorca as well. Pony rides and even fun on water slides in theme parks are an absolute reality here. It would be no surprise to have the entire day go whilst in one of these venues since fun itself a theme of sorts here. So there you have it, another facet to Majorca which is friendlier, fun and family oriented than any other location in the world.

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Beach hotels in Majorca

December 10, 2008

The truth must be told. Majorca is very much like one of those clichéd postcards from the 80s complete with harsh sunsets and golden sand. It won’t come as a surprise to many a tourist that the Majorcan beaches are part and parcel of this island paradise, without the aftertaste of a garish picture postcard. Next to the beaches however, there are a myriad of hotels dotting the coast line. Many of these hotels do offer a unique and undeniably fun holiday experience.


At this point it would be prudent to mention the numerous and unique tourist sites that one could travel from nearby beach hotels in the region. When one talks about tourist attractions they are not necessarily just historical and cultural ones. In close proximity to most beach hotels are theme parks and water parks which would be an ideal visiting ground especially for those tourists with families. It would be also worthwhile to mention that another attraction namely golf courses are also near to many of the beach hotels in majorca.

It must be said that the hotels in this island paradise of Majorca do offer a feasible chance at having a truly exotic vacation. During the times relative to antiquity, any well learned history buff would have been aware how guests were treated with the highest sense of respect. The host would do everything in his power to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay. Since the island of Majorca does have its illustrious roots imbedded in part of Roman and Phoenician history, it comes as no surprise that hospitality is a foremost quality that is embraced by all Majorcans. Hotels in any form are not exempted.

However, make no mistake Majorca may have had a primordial history by some accounts, yet there is nothing ‘out of date’ when one traverses the vast list of hotel facilities that most of the hotels in Majorca offer. For example, most hotels do offer an exemplary set of facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, parking and currency exchange. Whilst these set of ‘traditional’ facilities can be expected from the majority of the hotels in Majorca, needless to say there is a hotel for every budget in this tourist friendly island. Hotel rooms are also a comfortable affair where basic amenities such as ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, telephone and television are present and indeed can be expected.

Consequently one would be surprised to know that hotels in Majorca do offer a rather implicit look into the island’s heritage and culture. What this means is that elements such as the art deco in hotels do portray a rather vivid pictorial of Majorcan culture. Roman motifs and Phoenician art is very reminiscent of this inimitable culture. Some would go so far as to argue that merely visiting a beach hotel in this island paradise would offer a glorified snapshot of Majorca as a whole.

As any Majorcan would tell you, cuisine is of integral importance here. And so, beach hotels in Majorca do offer a tantalizing menu of authentic Majorcan delicacies. Some dishes which do need some indulgence is the ensaimada, which is a light desert that includes in flour and pork lard in its list of ingredients. Then there is a dish called arros brut, which is saffron rice that contains a generous helping of vegetables, pork and chicken. A more adventurous dish that does deserve some indulgence is blanquet or pork brains.

All in all it could be said that the hotels in Majorca especially in the areas near the beach do offer a microcosm of what truly Majorca is. Besides catering to every feasible budget, the beach hotels in this island paradise do offer modern facilities and a cultural experience which would go a long ay in helping visitors to Majorca enjoy a memorable vacation.


Holiday in Majorca with children

November 27, 2008

The island of Majorca (near Spain’s east coast) is an ideal holiday destination, especially if you’re with children. Home to several kid friendly beaches, Majorca is a great place for children and has a wide range of attractions which the whole family can enjoy.


Water parks abound in Majorca and are great places to spend the entire day. Aqualand El Arenal (near the El Arenal beach) is one of the largest in Europe and its attractions which include the “Devil’s Tail” and the “Grand Canyon” will be a definite hit with the kids. Aqualandia / EI Foro de Majorca (in Binissalem) with its adventure playground and the western themed Wild West water park (in Magaluf) are also worth a visit and make for a memorable holiday.

Wondering where to head next? Majorca also has many animal based attractions. A good place to start is at Cala Millor’s “Auto Safari” which apart from a safari park has a baby zoo as well (look out for the adorable baby elephants!). The somewhat pricey Nemo Submarine ride (in Magaluf) is a unique 2 hour underwater adventure in an actual mini submarine, while Marineland (in Portals Nous) has dolphin and sea lion shows which will keep children enthralled from start to finish.

Other popular family friendly attractions in Majorca include Palma Nova’s quite wonderful 54 hole, crazy golf course (called Golf Fantasia) and spectacular Pirate Show, the Calvia Pony Club (in Calvia) and the Magaluf Karting go-kart track (near the aquapark) which is a favourite among older kids.

Majorca caters to children of all ages (including the young at heart!) and is a great place for a memorable vacation.

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Majorca the destination for Sailing and Water Sports

November 26, 2008

Surrounded by the calm waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is a great place to visit particularly if you love sailing or experiencing the adrenaline rush of water sports.

Home to around 41 marinas and thousands of yacht moorings, Majorca offers countless sailing opportunities for experienced sailors and clueless landlubbers alike! Near the island’s various marinas you can find several companies which hire out boats (with or without crew) that not only give you a chance to go sailing, but enjoy some deep sea swimming and fishing as well. A good place to start is in Pollensa which has several such boat companies, while hires can range from anything from a day to a week.

The coastal towns of Majorca also offer plenty of exciting water sport activities (including places where you can learn the ropes). Some good spots for water skiing and windsurfing include Cala Millor, Magaluf, Palma Nova and Santa Ponsa. Majorca’s Pollensa Bay is also a great place for kite surfing and wake boarding. The somewhat expensive free range jet skiing experience is unfortunately only available for those with a licence (to sail a boat), though in certain places on Santa Ponsa beach and El Arenal you can have a go within a demarcated area (yes it is restrictive, but it is indeed better than nothing)

Majorca also boasts of some exotic sea life and going snorkelling or scuba diving is a great way to see what lies beneath. If you are planning to go scuba diving you either need to have a diving certificate (for deep sea tours) or take a scuba diving course before beginning. A cheaper option would be to do some old fashioned snorkelling which can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Be it sailing with the wind in your hair or clinging onto dear life as you water ski across the ocean, Majorca gives you a chance to try it all!

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Amusement Parks, a must visit in Majorca

November 10, 2008

If your idea of Majorca includes quiescent beaches, friendly people and some colourful local culture you would only be partly right. Dispersed throughout this lovely Spanish island are several great delight and theme parks which make Majorca a must visit especially if you have the backbreaking task of keeping kids entertained. Better when ever you plan a trip to Majorca make sure you book the correct hotel. Personally according to my experience I would prefer Hotel Costa Azul because I booked this hotel two times during my last stay in Spain. The hotel is situated in an absolutely fabulous location, overlooking the Bay of Plama. Situdated on the south coast of the Island. The hotel is also contain enough facilities and friendly staff. The main thing I like is the breakfast. If I go again to Majorca I will book the same hotel again.

If you are planning to visit Majorca a good place to start is at Marineland which can be found near the Costa d’en Blanes beach in Calvia. The main attraction is its dolphin and sea lion shows which both children and grown ups will love while you will find a large variety of other animals here as well including penguins, reptiles, sharks and even monkeys. Marineland’s aviary is also worth visiting. Tickets are a bit on the pricey side and some of the lines can get a bit long, but you do get lots of stuff to see and do. It is also a good idea to bring some food and drinks along as you are likely to spend most of the day here.
Another great amusement park in Majorca is Aquacity in S’Arenal (Platja de Palma) which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Attractions such as the “Devil’s Tail” and the “Grand Canyon” are worth a visit, while young children will enjoy its mini zoo. Aqualand in Magalluf with its many rides (even though on water, some rides do require nerves of steel!) is another great water based amusement park which provides plenty of fun and excitement even for hard-to-please teenagers!
Majorca and these amusement parks make for an action packed holiday with lots of great memories for the whole family!


Pirates Show in Majorca – My Favourite

November 7, 2008

When I was traveling to Spain I heard about the Pirate show in Majorca. It was in year 2007 and I was planned to have my trip to Barcelona. In order to see the Pirate show I changed my plans to Majorca and took my 2 friends with me. I was stayed in Hotel Costa Azul and had a wonderful stay the hotel.
In simple when ever you plan a visit to Majorca I prfer you to watch the pirate show. I have been there for several times. The show which is titled “Pirates Adventure” as you may have guessed is based on pirates and adventure on the high seas which the kids will love and entertain a lot. The show is held at its own theatre which is situated next to Majorca’s Aquapark.

The show revolves around swashbuckling Captain Morgan and the dastardly pirate Jacques Lafitte as they battle each other in an epic struggle for supremacy. The show is done on large scale and apart from plenty of great stunts, lighting effects and theatrics, you also get a huge life size pirate ship which makes it that much more exciting and interesting. There is also huge number of audience participation as you are expected to cheer or jeer the different characters.

The Pirates Show includes dinner which comprises roast chicken, barbecue sausages and “Treasure Trove Salad”. There are two main seating sections for the show which are the Main Deck (50 Euros for adults and 28.50 Euros for children) and the Quarter Deck (65 Euros for adults and 43.50 Euros for children). Please make sure the price because i’m not sure about the current pricing. If your budget allows it, the slightly more expensive Quarter Deck is worth it. The ticket prices mentioned are those for the high season (normally July and August), the rest of the year you can get in for less.
You will probably spend a little over 2 hours at the show which makes for an interesting night out. There is also a special performance called “Pirates Uncut” which is for those over 18 years and basically follows the same pattern, but with profanity, hence the “Adults only” restriction.