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The Perla Marina Hotel Costa Del Sol

December 13, 2008

The sunny and vibrant region of Costa Del Sol, when translated means literally the “Coast of the Sun”. The Perla Marina Hotel which happens to be lucky enough to be situated in this particular area offers a chance at a fantastic holiday experience. It should be noted that Costa Del Sol is situated in the southern region of Spain where at one point during the 1970s and 1980s, the term “Costa Del Crime” was more than generously used to explain the infamous tendency for British crime lords to escape authorities in Britain and to end up here to live opulent lifestyles.

It probably comes as no surprise the level of historical importance that is associated with this region of Costa Del Sol. As the history books would have it, there have been settlements spanning right into the Bronze Age. Not to mention the interesting fact that Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths and Moors have all had their turn in colonising and ruling this vibrant and sun infused region. Perla Marina Hotel Costa Del Sol luckily then happens to be near all this historical evidence. However, it is not only the history and heritage that is embraced by the tourists to this region; there are in fact many other attractions that have struck awe into the hearts of visitors.

Not too long ago, 1959 to be exact, a wonderful and natural ecological discovery was made by a group of adventurers. The Caves of Nerja happen to be one of the main attractions that could be visited from the proximity of the Perla Marina Hotel Costa Del Sol. Truly an awe inspiring spectacle, this ecological creation by the hand of Nature has been literally worshipped by the world’s media and geologists throughout the years. Trust Nature itself to have a hand in natural engineering; the caves are home to a particular chamber which serves as a natural amphitheatre. As one would expect concerts are regularly held much to the admiration of tourists.

The Perla Marina Hotel Cost Del Sol is placed is such a convenient setting where tourists and visitors alike can travel with convenience to many of the attractions that makes Costa Del Sol so famous. Yet it could be safely said t at this point that the beach may in fact be the most alluring of all the attractions to most tourists. Sandy and sunny beaches are just a 5 minute walk away. Many water sports could be indulged in and enjoyed. Sipping a cool pina colada, whilst enjoying the salty and tantalizing breeze is guaranteed to ease stress away in no time.

It goes without saying that the Perla Marina Hotel is near to another attractions besides the mystical and enticing Caves of Nerja. There is the royal and authoritative Alhambra in Andalucía which is an ancient palace and fortress built by the Moors during a time when they ruled this region. As testified to by history, this was the home and residence of Muslim kings of Granada. Just like the Caves if Nerja, this too is an attraction that is worth visiting, since it offers an insightful look into the cultural and historical mosaic of Costa Del Sol.

Offering all the necessary amenities and facilities as expected from a well situated hotel, the Perla Marina Hotel does offer adequate comfort and friendly service. Besides being in close proximity to the beach, facilities such as a bar, internet services, swimming pool and restaurant could be ideally expected. The rooms per se are also comfortable affairs which amenities such as cable television and air conditioning being provided. Yet, it goes without saying that amenities and facilities all depend on the type of room being booked. All in all, it should be noted that if tourists are in search of an accommodation spot which offers quality facilities while being in close proximity to nearby attractions – this is the place to stay.


Costa del Sol with children

November 26, 2008

Planning a trip to Spain’s Costa del Sol and wondering how to keep your kids entertained? Costa del Sol is loaded with activities that both children and parents can take part in and have fun.

If your family is into outdoor adventure, then a good place to start is at the Selwo Adventure Park in Estepona. Home to more than 2,000 animals (including lions and elephants), this safari nature park can be explored by way of 4×4 jeep rides or on overhead walkways. Children will also love the Selwo Marina (in Benalmadena Costa) which houses a diverse collection of marine life including dolphins.


For a change of pace you can take a Benalmadena Cable Car (next to Tivoli World) to the top of Monte Calamorro, where stunning views of the Costa del Sol await.

If you are planning to visit all 3 attractions mentioned above, buying a “Selwo Pack” will save you money on entrance fees.

Another great way to keep children occupied is by taking them to one of Costa del Sol’s several water parks. Aqualand Torremolinos with its “Boomerang” ride and “Kamikaze Twister” is definitely worth a visit and so too is Aquapark Mijas (in Fuengirola).

Other places worthy of a visit include, the Fuengirola Zoo (opposite Mijas Aquapark), the Tivoli World amusement park, the Torremolinos Crocodile Park (next to Aqualand Torremolinos) and Natura Aventura (in San Pedro de la Alantara) which has everything from rock climbing to paintball.

With all these attractions it is easy to forget that the Costa del Sol is also home to some stunning beaches which both you and your children can enjoy after a long day of adventure seeking. Happy holidays!


New Years Eve in Costa Del Sol

November 6, 2008

One of the best ways of ringing in the New Year would be to visit Costa Del Sol, on the coast along Malaga, in Andalucia. Known as the sunniest coast in Spain, boasting great weather all year long, Costa del Sol beckons those who want to escape the frigidity of winter for balmier weather.

New Years Eve is a time for celebration starting with a feast. If you are lucky you may have friends who will invite you to share their meal at home or you will have a choice of restaurants to visit. After a sumptuous meal, just head towards Plaza del Reloi before midnight and join the throngs of people intent on just one thing, celebrating the New Year. The city council provides all the paraphernalia to welcome the New Year including the12 grapes that you eat one by one at the stroke of midnight, a popular tradition through out Spain. If you manage to do so, your year ahead will be full of good luck. The best part is that all the party goodies are free of charge including the impressive firework display that follows. New Year is an ideal opportunity to savour Cava, which in Spain is equal to Champagne. Be prepared for a night of revelry until dawn.

Throughout the coast in Nerja, Velez Malaga, Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona and all other places however small the village may be, celebrations continue with festive decor and parties that last throughout the night.

Hotel Perla Marina

If you are planning a visit to Costs Del Sol this December hotel Perla Marina is the better place to stay. The location is simply superb, where past traditions and trade still find a source of living, where tourists drove the local attractions like the Balcony of Europe and the Nerja Caves and where a memorable and precious holiday lies in wait, Perla Marina Hotel Costa Del Sol could not be better situated. The near by locations are Cuevas de Nerja, Balcon de Europa, Burriana Beach, Calle San Miguel, Old fishing district of El Bajondillo, Malaga, Baviera Golf course, Aquatic parks, Safari-park, Fairground. Hotel Perla Marina Costa Del Sol also contains good facilities and friendly staffs. Enjoy………

Hotel Perla Marina