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Benidorm Au Naturale

December 19, 2008

Benidorm’s wildlife encompasses a wide facet of attractions, which make for interesting, educating, amusing and exciting outings. There are a few parks which travellers to Benidorm can visit, and they will find that the town is a haven for a large variety of species of fauna and flora. Benidorm has developed a reputation and is sometimes called the “Manhattan of Spain” or “Beniyork” because of the many Benidorm apartments, hotels and high rise buildings which form its skyline. However, that being said, travellers will find that there is more to the town than that which meets the eye.

The Terra Natura Park of Benidorm is widely acclaimed and a major hit with tourists who travel to this locality. The concept behind this popular wildlife park in Benidorm divides the park into four distinct areas. These areas include America, Asia, Europe and ‘Pangea’. The ‘Pangea’ area is close to the entrance and here visitors can gaze at an impressive display of deadly and venomous creatures! Each ‘continent’ is home to animals and vegetation which is native to it. Visitors will also find typical dishes of the region in the sector restaurants!

There are a wide variety of Benidorm apartments within easy reach of the site, making it an ideal place for travellers to spend the day. While this is a perfect place to view the wildlife of Benidorm, guests can also cool of and relax at the water park. The best bit about the park is how tourists can get up close to view the animals without their safety being compromised. Some of the animals to be found here include Bengali tigers, Peruvian llamas, donkeys and a fabulous Mediterranean aquarium (which can be visit at an extra charge). Some months guests will also find that the park hosts special night safari tours and theme nights.

The Mundomar Marine Exotic Animal Park is another fabulous attraction for those of all ages! There is a dolhinarium, flamingos, turtles, sea lions and penguins- to name a few of the main attractions. A range of exotic bird fauna can also be viewed here such as wild swans, ducks and pelicans.

The Aitana Safari Park, which is near the village of Sella and around 33km from Benidorm is also a brilliant place to view the wildlife of Benidorm. The wildlife here consists of animals like elephants, lions and tigers, which can be viewed as guests follow the safari trail which runs through the park. The children’s zoo with its nursery is another highlight of this sight, as guests can visit new born animals.

There are many apartments in Benidorm where travellers can opt to stay at. Guests don’t have to compromise when it comes to accommodation as the apartments of Benidorm cater to varying traveller needs, ensuring that they have a comfortable stay. Guests looking to explore the wildlife of Benidorm will find that there are Benidorm hotels and apartments which allow for ease of access to such attractions.

Less than an hour’s drive from the hotels of Benidorm, lies the Vergel Safari Park. Travellers will have an adrenaline pumped experience as the tigers, leopards and wolves roam free while they drive through it in their car. Domestic animals such as pig and ponies, offer an alternative for those who don’t fancy too much adventure! Children are guaranteed a fun time as go carts, mini trains and a play area is also on site.

For those who are interested in the aquatic wildlife of Benidorm, a catamaran cruise where they can snorkel and scuba dive is a pleasant alternative to snorkelling on Benidorm’s beaches. Whereas if you prefer to view aquatic wildlife from a dry distance, take a trip on a submarine to Benidorm Island which is 2km out to sea. At the island is a conservation refuge for a variety of flora and fauna.

These are but a few of the wildlife attractions of Benidorm. Rest assured that your trip will be a pleasant one, especially with the wide variety of apartments and hotels in Benidorm, which offer different types of accommodation to suit your holiday budget!


Discovering the Beaches of Benidorm

December 11, 2008

A mecca for sun worshippers heading to Spain’s Costa Blanca, the beaches of Benidorm offer an idyllic coastal setting where golden sands set amidst the cool waters of the Mediterranean are a reality and not just something one would find on a travel brochure! Made up of the Blue Flag beaches of Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, Benidorm boasts of around six kilometres of coastline that provide countless hours of fun in the sun for young and old alike.


Visitors wanting a more active holiday can also take part in a variety of water sports such as jet skiing, waterskiing and paragliding. The main Levante and Poniente beaches have lifeguard patrols during summer and winter and are equipped with facilities that cater to the differently-abled as well.

Since these coastal areas are a popular draw amongst holidaymakers, there are a wide variety of Benidorm apartments and hotels near by that cater to couples and families as well as individual travellers. Here is a quick look at the different beaches of Benidorm and what one can expect when visiting them.

Known as sunrise beach, Playa Levante is a much loved seaside hotspot in Benidorm that is a perfect place for just lazing about in the sun or taking a refreshing dip in the clear ocean waters. Due to the beach’s popularity it can get crowded during the summer months, though there is plenty of beach space to go around along with over 5,000 sun beds! Children will also enjoy a visit to Levante beach which has shallow sections for kids to paddle in, play areas as well as soft sand for budding sandcastle architects.


Located within easy reach of many Benidorm hotels, the Levante beach also has a seaside promenade which is a great place to soak up the resort’s lively coastal atmosphere. Overlooking the bay, this coastal walkway is ideal for a leisurely stroll with loved ones and is home to a variety of bars and restaurants. Levante beach comes alive again at night when the surrounding area and promenade play host to some of Benidorm’s hottest clubs and bars such as the Ku Beach Club and Penelope’s.

Those looking to escape from the masses that head to Levante beach can alternatively visit Poniente beach. Known as sunset beach, Playa Poniente spans over three kilometres in length and is the largest of Benidorm’s beaches. Equipped with numerous sun beds as well, this laidback coastal area provides visitors with a relatively crowd free environment where one can get tanned, swim in the ocean and just spend the day basking in the sun. While the Poniente beach area is not known for having a happening nightlife it does present visitors with stunning sunsets that are well worth the wait.

The smallest of Benidorm’s beaches, Mal Pas beach is situated near the port and makes for a relaxed setting where one can idle away under the summer sun. Home to soft sands, Playa del Mal Pas is popular amongst sunbathers and those looking for a change from the usual visits to the Levante and Poniente beaches.

These three beaches form one of resort’s main attractions and it is little wonder that they are frequented by both local and foreign visitors during the summer season. Finding accommodation at a Benidorm hotels or apartment near these coastal areas should not be hard to do, though it is advised to book ahead especially if one is travelling in the summer and want to stay in a place right by the seaside. Those wanting more information on the different Benidorm beaches and what they offer can refer “A Beach Guide to the Benidorm Seaside!”



November 24, 2008

Benidorm is located about 45 km northeast of Alicante, just south of Altea is one main attraction along the costa blanca. Contempt its skyscraper skyline, it base for beach and nightlife, Lots of Benidorm nightlife. A very interesting place for the holiday lovers.


Benidorm is surrounded by up to 1558 m high mountains, Benidorm is well protected against the sometimes cold north winds. Therefore, the weather in Benidorm stays very gentle even through winter times. In Summer, Benidorm is one big party area,  With more the 1000 Restaurants and over 30 Discos, Benidorm offers nearly all which is needed for a “busy” nightlife. One of the 35 000 beds in Benidorm hotels or over 200 000 apartments and accommodation places keep the visitors in town. The attractions are Benidorm’s casco antiguo, playa de poniente and the playa de levante beaches


Ambassador Playa Hotel – My Last Trip

November 18, 2008

It is a lively complex, popular with British tourist and consisting of two separate wings, the Ambassador Playa I and II can be found 250 metres from the golden sands of the Levante beach in the heart of the tourist resort of Benidorm, surrounded by shops and leisure opportunities. The nearest airport is only 45km away. The location is simply superb.untitled-11

You also can find more area attraction near the Ambassador Playa Hotel such as Levante beach, Aqualandia Water Amusement Park, Marine Exotic Animal Park, Canelobre natural caves, Algra Falls, Terra Mitica Theme Park. Spent 2 nights here and enjoyed my trip a lot.


Video related to the hotel

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