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January 2, 2009

Amsterdam being the capital of Netherlands has been the stuff of fairytales and stories. Besides its contribution to the world of children’s stories, this inimitable destination is a well loved place when it comes to the numerous tourist visits per year. What is even more enticing is that fact that this locale offers so much more than the average holiday when it comes to the many attractions and venues that have historical and cultural significance. Venture in and experience a holiday that could be described as being mesmerizing and pleasurable. In a place like this there is much to do and experience especially if one does plan to visit with family and friends.

Whilst Amsterdam may be according to many an oasis of sorts, it should be stated that one of the best areas to stay is the Dam Square Amsterdam. The latter is essentially an area that is both cosmopolitan and international sin terms of quality standards. There are as expected in a place such as this a wide and enticing array of shops, cafes and boutiques that sell a plethora of goodies and trinkets, some of which are of local manufacture. Besides this obvious expectation, there are also many other historical and cultural venues that would call for a mandatory visit by any tourist.

The unique and cosy Dam Square Amsterdam is also known for the many accommodation spots that dot the entire area. There are many hotels and accommodation spots that offer an adequate and decent stay with typical Dutch hospitality. Of course, there are also many other hotels which are of a high standard and do offer many superlative and enviable facilities and amenities which has the comfort and pleasure of guests in mind. While there are many accommodation spots that could be regarded as being “adequate” to being “posh”, there are also many hotels that would comfortably sit in between these two extremes.

For example,the NH Krasnapolsky Amsterdam is a much loved accommodation unit which does offer its guests a fabulous and entertaining stay. Located in the heart of the Dam Square Amsterdam, it is one of the most ideal spots to stay in. Once settled in, tourists would be well advised to visit the many charming places that this area offers. A notable event that takes place is the Queens Day or on Christmas there is a huge funfair in this town square. With lots of merry making, food and drink adding to the mix of things, there is much jollity and entertainment during this festive period.

Home to the NH Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, the Dam Square Amsterdam is also part of much history and culture. Throughout the many years, the Dam Square Amsterdam has made its claim economically and socially. Besides being an economic hub of sorts, this area could be even seen in many famous and old paintings. A stock exchange, namely the Beurs van Zocher was built in 1837. While the Zocher building in the area was done away with, in its place since 1914 the De Bijenkorf department store has made its steadfast claim.

As explained earlier, there are many things to see and do in this particular area in Amsterdam. Home to the fascinating NH Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, there is no shortage of accommodation options. There are also many shops, boutiques and restaurants appealing in turn to those who are materialistic to those who are connoisseurs of food. Indubitably this would be one of the most exciting places to stay especially is one is visiting Amsterdam for an entertaining vacation filled with fun, frolic and loads of memories.