Getting Last Minute Seats in Paris

January 17, 2009

No matter what the event, getting last minute tickets is not one hundred percent guaranteed, but definitely worth a shot. If you’re in Paris and unexpectedly decide you just have to attend a concert or take in an opera, here are a few options.

If it is last minute theater tickets you are after, then make a beeline to Place de la Madeleine or to the Tour Montparnasse area where you will find booths selling half price tickets (valid for performances on that particular day). The booths are generally open from 12.30PM to about 8PM though they close at around 4PM on Sunday.

As for the opera, you can either try your luck online (www.operadeparis.fr) or head to one of the venues (Opera Garnier, the Bastille or Le Chatelet) and queue up (from about 10AM) to see if there are any last minute seats available. If your attempts prove unsuccessful, remember to check back at the opera about 1 hour before the show starts to see if anyone has returned tickets.

Another final option is that outside most sold out shows you do get a few people trying to sell their tickets at the price they bought it at because they have had to cancel at the last minute, while you will find others selling tickets at black market prices. Beware of forgeries though and be careful that they don’t take your money and leave before handing you the ticket.

As you can see, getting seats at the last minute in Paris depends on luck, fate and just how determined you are. Happy ticket hunting!


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